Other Men Wake Up Swimming

For a persona as versatile and creative as Rob Crow, "prolific” just doesn’t cut it. After fronting Heavy Vegetable in the ’90s, he has made an absurd number of records with the likes of Pinback, Goblin Cock, the Ladies, and Team Sleep. In January of this year, he released Living Well, his fourth solo record, to much buzz. Unsurprisingly, he’s back two months later with another new project, Other Men, on his newly minted Robcore Records imprint. Other Men are somewhat of a Heavy Vegetable reunion, featuring Crow working with former band-mates Travis Nelson and Manolo Turner for the first time in 11 years. Based on the hyperactive playing and solid songwriting, however, it’s hard to tell. Opener "Other People” pairs Crow’s mellow vocals with a timeless off-kilter jam, effortlessly updating the best of ’90s math rock. Elsewhere, as on "False Positives,” jovial guitars collide with frantic rhythmic pulses, sounding like feel-good pop songs for Don Caballero fans. From its bustling, fast-paced musicianship to its accessible pop sensibility, Wake Up Swimming is a winner on all fronts. And while the contributions from Nelson and Turner are equally valuable, the record furthers Crow’s legacy as an indie rock Renaissance man. (Robcore)