Osorezan Mimidokodsesuka

Ingenious musical recluse Jim O’Rourke is sifting through artefacts like this powerful live recording by Osorezan, his improvising trio who threw down at a Tokyo hotel in 2005. The first of what promises to be an interesting "Old Timing” reissue series for O’Rourke fans, Mimidokodesuka was a Japanese-only release featuring the guitarist working with contrabassist Darin Gray and drummer Chris Corsanao. This first set from their residency possesses an edge, with each player feeding off the other yet also frenetically walloping their surroundings with sound. Between Corsano’s inspired, precise attack, Gray’s lush foundational tones and O’Rourke’s unholy guitar assault, Osorezan are on fire. The build-up and dynamic shifts in "Form of a Collapse if a Collapse Should Occur” leads to cacophonous sheets of energy in "All We Know So Far,” which itself glides in on rolling thunder. By "In Addition,” the sonic respites merely clot the adrenalin rush of three monster players going off with exhilarating results. (Drag City)