Orville Peck Is on the Cover of 'British GQ'

The Canadian cowboy covers the magazine's autumn/winter issue
Orville Peck Is on the Cover of 'British GQ'
Photo: British GQ
If Orville Peck's debut album Pony didn't catch your attention, his fringe masks surely did. Now, the Canadian artist's leather-clad look has landed him on the cover of British GQ.

Peck revealed earlier this week that he would be the first-ever country artist to appear on the cover of British GQ's autumn/winter issue. You can find said cover shot above, and a series of his looks for the feature below. On wearing a mask, Peck told the publication, "You can start to see the small details about a person that you don't usually notice... A lot of it comes through the eyes; a lot of it comes through movements in the body. You can watch someone wearing a mask for hours and they can tell an entire story. It's an intense process, but it's really fascinating. People think that masks are there to conceal something, but a lot of the time, they show you who someone really is."

Peck also spoke to magazine about his music and fanbase. On the latter, he offered, "I can say this objectively: having been a performer in many different ways and for a very long time, I think it's the most diverse crowd I've ever seen in a live setting. We have drag queens and the LGBTQ community, skateboarders and punks and metal kids. That's the subversive mix of people, and then there's the other side of the spectrum, these well-adjusted couples and older people who come to my shows. I'm big with grandparents."

Peck's Pony was long listed for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize. Read our interview with him here.