Oromocto Diamond Le Choc du Futur

Manic Quebec City musical instigator Sam Murdock unleashes another militant punk band into the world, this time teaming up with electronic artist/drummer Pascal Asselin of Millimetrik to form Oromocto Diamond and shake the complacency out of everyone in their path. Lyrically, songs like "Black Feelings" and "Maps" serve as anthemic calls to arms, thanks in particular to the jarring vocal tandem of Murdock and keyboardist Jane Ehrhardt, who insistently bellow most of their well-articulated vocals. Although the band's sound possesses an urgent rhythmic dynamic, thanks to the bass and drums configuration of Murdock and Asselin, Ehrhardt's keyboards infuse every song with a space-y prog rock sheen, which is much more pronounced on half-time songs like "First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave." In this sense, Le Choc du Futur is somewhat top-heavy, energy-wise. Oromocto Diamond burst out of the gate before taking a breather and steamrolling listeners to conclude an interesting debut. (P572)