Orlando Gloom "Tongue-tied"

Orlando Gloom 'Tongue-tied'
Winnipeg musician Dave Shaw has been making his rounds in bands like Glass Random and Camp David, but he's setting his sights in a new musical direction with his latest project, Orlando Gloom. He's prepped a new single called "Tongue-tied" under that moniker, and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.
The project's name is a fitting one, as the new track blends the dreaminess of a Hollywood heartthrob with shoegaze-y synths and deep, dark, baritone vocals. These elements swirl together on "Tongue-tied," resulting in an infectious shot of sulky electro-pop — or as Shaw himself puts it, "creating dance music for the loneliest humans on earth."
You'll be able to experience that sound live at Orlando Gloom's upcoming Big Fun Festival slot in Winnipeg. He plays January 30 at Handsome Daughter. Right now, though, you can get your first listen to "Tongue-tied" in the player below.