Original Jane's Addiction Reunite For L.A. Gig

Original Jane's Addiction Reunite For L.A. Gig
After 17 years of separation, the entire original line-up of Jane’s Addiction brought a live reunion to L.A. last week, charging punters a mere $5 to see, in the words of Dave Navarro, "old school 1987 Jane's."

The reformed band — vocalist Perry Ferrell, drummer Stephen Perkins, guitarist Navarro, and bassist Eric Avery — performed an hour-long set last Thursday (October 23) at a crammed Los Angeles Mexican bar. According to reports, the club, La Cita, could barely hold 200 people, and fire marshals were called to turn away patrons itching to get a glimpse of the group.

While writing on his blog, Navarro put much of the night’s success on the long-absent Avery, who since 1991 has refused to participate in any of Jane’s reunion activities. "He brought the bottom punk rock glue that we have been missing for years," Navarro said of his band-mate, who earlier this year briefly joined back up with Jane’s Addiction for the NME Awards.

"The fact remains that this machine cannot really run as well with after-market parts," Navarro continued. "Jane's Addiction has to be fully stock in order to do what it does best.

"The quick non-stop pace left all of us and just about everybody drenched by the end of the hour. Everything came together, hopefully not for the last time."

Here’s the set list, courtesy of Stereogum, from last week’s show, which as you can see was packed with classic Jane’s:

1. "Up The Beach"
2. "Trip Away"
3. "Whores"
4. "One Percent"
5. "Ain't No Right"
6. "Pigs In Zen"
7. "Ted Just Admit It"
8. "Ocean Size"
9. "Hadadad"
10. "Been Caught Stealing"

Jane's Addiction "Ocean Size” (live at La Cita)