Opium Jukebox Sticky Bhangra: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones

The title pretty much explains it — here are ten Rolling Stones tunes, mostly of the late ‘60s, early ‘70s Hot Rocks-era ("Brown Sugar,” "Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” etc.) done up in a bhangra style. And yes, it’s is absolutely a novelty release, but one that stands up on its own merits too. Lyrics are dispensed with in favour of a groove-oriented approach that highlights the tabla and sitar. "Paint It Black” takes to the reworking particularly well, as does "Start Me Up,” done up as a slow-burn that reveals its underlying melodic power. This effort is particularly evocative given the fetishisation that South Asian sounds received from groups like the Beatles in the last ‘60s — it sounds oddly familiar and utterly distant simultaneously. As a full-length listen, it gets old fairly quickly, but it will be mix-tape gold for years to come. (Underground)