Oneohtrix Point Never Signs to Warp for 'R Plus 7' Album

Oneohtrix Point Never Signs to Warp for 'R Plus 7' Album
Since the release of Replica a couple of years ago, electronic innovator Oneohtrix Point Never (a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin) has released a string of stopgap releases, including a remix EP, split record, collaboration with Tim Hecker, box set reissue, and film score contributions. Now, he's back with his next official LP. R Plus Seven is out on October 1 through OPN's new label home of Warp Records.

A press release notes that this album finds the experimentalist embracing a new sound, which is "as close as Lopatin has ever gotten to anything resembling traditional song structure." That said, the record is by no means standard pop music, since it's said to be "full of overlapping, abstract musical through-lines, puzzle-like pieces that, taken together, might allow you to glimpse an overarching tableau."

That's the cryptically cartoonish album cover above. The tracklist is below.

UPDATE: If you head over to OPN's new website, you can listen to three untitled pieces. They aren't tracks on the album but apparently "sonic elements" from it. Strangely, though, we could not get the songs to play with Firefox, so we recommend you try a different browser.

Lopatin has some international tour dates scheduled for September and October, so see his schedule here. You can also pre-order R Plus Seven here.

R Plus Seven:

1. Boring Angel
2. Americans
3. He She
4. Inside World
5. Zebra
6. Along
7. Problem Areas
8. Cryo
9. Still Life
10. Chrome Country