Oneohtrix Point Never "Repossession Sequence" (video)

Oneohtrix Point Never 'Repossession Sequence' (video)
We're still digesting Oneohtrix Point Never's acclaimed Garden of Delete, but rather than promote it with a regular music video, the electronic musician also known as Daniel Lopatin has shared a clip called "Repossession Sequence."

The three-minute clip is made up of short extracts of a few songs from Garden of Delete plus some original material. It all makes for a disorienting collage of electronic sounds that range from poignantly melodic to freaky and experimental. This serves as the backdrop for surreal CGI visuals that mix the domestic with the futuristic, and there's a scene that looks a bit like an urban warzone. It was directed by Oneohtrix's frequent visual collaborator Nate Boyce.

Watch the clip below. It's part of Channel 4's Random Acts, a series of collaborations between filmmakers and Warp Records musicians.