Oneohtrix Point Never "Kaoss Edge MIDIs"

Oneohtrix Point Never 'Kaoss Edge MIDIs'
Oneohtrix Point Never (a.k.a. electronic musician Daniel Lopatin) is using some vintage music-making technology and a bit of confusing lore to preview his forthcoming Garden of Delete LP. Ahead of the official LP release, you can stream a bunch of mysterious and incubatory MIDI interpretations of its tracks.

Titled "Kaoss Edge MIDIs," the nearly 17-minute stream delivers various blippy musical moments that use MIDI's piano roll function. This includes a different look at the previously teased "I Bite Through It," among other things.

As you'll see down below, these are also cued up to various morphing visuals and, seemingly, a LARP fight.

The clip does, however, come with a bit of confusion. According to the YouTube description: "Daniel Lopatin aka 0PN found these MIDI files on a data stick which was sent to him by his alien friend Ezra. I [iamkinfan] downloaded them from the Internet and put them with some nice synths."

An earlier press release had said that the record found Lopatin inspired by Kaoss Edge, a group which may or may not be real. Additionally, the YouTube page for "Kaoss Edge MIDIs" claims not to be official, but sure goes out of its way to offer various links to press .pdf's and sites supporting both Oneohtrix Point Never and Kaoss Edge.

Make of it what you will, or just enjoy the experimental digi-soundscape down below.

Garden of Delete, meanwhile, drops November 13 via Warp.