One Session Bobby B Presents the Hidden Treasure Vol. 1

Kottonmouth Kings DJ Bobby B teams up with Suburban Noize label-mates One Session here in a determined attempt to show that positive hip-hop doesn’t have to be pussy, as the group look to take over the streets with their special brand of "hard-hop” on this proper album precursor. Essentially turning out thug rap bereft of the mindless gun talk and endless celebration of all things criminal, One Session invite a slew of guests to serve up "no bling” hustler tales over grimy, club-friendly production made interesting by detailed effects and B’s handy turntable skills. The stuttering bounce and dirty synth bass line of "Listen Up” is tailor made for all the hard rocks too thugged-out to dance, while "I (Blame It On),” with it’s slick soul sample and razor-sharp cuts aims to appease hip-hop traditionalists at the other end of the spectrum. In truth, neither the lyricism nor the production is incredibly groundbreaking and tends to wear thin after a while, but One Session’s idea that "you can still keep it street and give the people a message” is at least admirable. (Fox)