One Man Army and the Undead Quartet Error in Evolution

One Many Army and the Undead Quartet feature one of the best band names in metal and are a pretty cool band to boot. Featuring ex-the Crown vocalist Johan Lindstrand, this is their second disc, and like ’06s 21st Century Killing Machine, this is filled with shoot-’em-up thrash’n’roll. Hell, it’s a lot like said disc, right down to the almost identical cover art. The songs are all rocking affairs, although sadly none of them stick like classic Crown material did. But it’s got the same attitude and matched with the Haunted-meets-In Flames tunes (and I’m not just saying that because it’s easy), this Swedish band are destined to sit atop the second tier. And something tells me they’re happy to be there, slamming back cheap booze and rocking until three in the morning, not concerned about the new Carnal Forge being better than this or the last one from the Haunted being nowhere near as rocking. Nope, the One Man Army don’t give a shit, which is their appeal. "Knights in Satan’s Service” offers a totally catchy chorus and "The Sun Never Shines” taps into an ’80s mid-tempo melodic metal vibe before the thrash begins. It’s weird to say but the real highlight is the band’s cover of Alice Cooper’s great "He’s Back (the Man behind the Mask).” Remember Friday the 13th Part VI? Swedes might not, as apparently the movie was banned there, so all those horror/metal fans had to go underground to find it. It’s a great song, which the Army do a relatively straight-laced version of. (Century Media)