Oldfolks Home "Garland's Moving to Vancouver" (video) / 'Black & Blue' (album stream)

Oldfolks Home 'Garland's Moving to Vancouver' (video) / 'Black & Blue' (album stream)
While based in Winnipeg, indie pop troupe Oldfolks Home show some love for the West Coast in their new video for Black & Blue track "Garland's Moving to Vancouver."

At first, the vid finds a pensive artist stepping back from her easel to ponder VanCity's mountain ranges and salty air. As she navigates her way though her home, she soon discovers that Oldfolks Home are sending her off with a goodbye concert in the living room. There are some confetti explosions, a herd of charging paper bisons, and a robot barkeep to keep everyone entertained, in case seeing the band play their poppy tune wasn't enough.

If, mind you, this multimedia sneak peek from Oldfolks Home's new LP isn't enough, the band are also streaming all of Black & Blue ahead of its May 7 due date through Head in the Sand. You can check it out beneath the video player.

Also, as previously reported, the act are touring Canada from May to June, and you can see the dates over here.