Old Wounds Talk Moving Forward with 'From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest'

Old Wounds Talk Moving Forward with 'From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest'
Old Wounds just released their debut full-length, From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest, and in doing so, completely reinvented themselves.

"Anything that we released prior to this LP, I'm honestly over," says drummer Brandon Gallagher in a recent interview with Exclaim! "It was a completely different band with a completely different mindset."

He attributes the changed mindset to the addition of bassist/vocalist Kevin Iavaroni. Prior to that lineup change, Old Wounds played what Gallagher calls "a thrashier, darker style of hardcore."

 However, Gallagher and Iavaroni bonded over the love of bands like Disembodied, Turmoil and Indecision. "I grew up on that early 2000s scene that Ferret and Trustkill Records made popular," says Gallagher, "and with some of those labels now being defunct, we figured it was time to bring it back."

In doing so, Old Wounds produced an album that Gallagher admits is all over the map with genres and influences. However, he thinks the effort is still "extremely cohesive." The decision to evolve may actually have increased the band's longevity, he adds. "We try to keep things fresh because... it's very easy to burn yourself out playing hardcore, and we want to do this for as long as we can."

With that in mind, Sex Cross, a side-project featuring all three members of Old Wounds and a friend, will also release material this year via Mayfly Records in late May/early June. The record, which was just sent to press, features what Gallagher calls "some of the best songs we've written for that band, so I'm definitely excited about it."

"We started Sex Cross as a band that we could do something completely different with, and to not burn ourselves out with Old Wounds," says Gallagher, adding that they collectively listen to far more than just hardcore.

So, expect Old Wounds — and whatever else they come up with — to evolve more in the coming years. For now, grab From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest, out now on Glory Kid Ltd.

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