The Old Salts "Death Letter" (video)

The Old Salts 'Death Letter' (video)
Don't be fooled by the pink streamers on the bicycle handlebars: the young girl in the Old Salts' video for "Death Letter" is a straight-up badass, and she proves it throughout the course of the clip.

The swaggering blues-rock song sets a gritty backdrop for this profile of a young rebel, who puffs a ciggy while biking her way through the streets and playing hopscotch. She later ends up at a bar, where she orders shots of iced tea, plays a game of pool, gets buzzed off of sugar straws, and wields a squirt-gun. When she comes to from her sugar crash, she discovers some nifty knuckle tats on her fingers.

Exclaim! has the premiere of the video, which was directed by Colin Harrington, below. "Death Letter" comes from the Old Salts' self-titled 2014 LP.