Old Monk "Fowl and Foe"

Old Monk 'Fowl and Foe'
Brooklyn prog-pop trio Old Monk released their Birds of Belize debut album last year, and now they're following it up with a series of singles. The latest of these is "Fowl and Foe," which is now available to stream.

The clip begins with a sprightly strumming pattern and a tensely pop-leaning melody that gives way to math-tinged instrumental interplay and a complex arrangement of starts and stops. It's a catchy number, but the arrangement is a little too tightly wound to be a traditional power-pop tune.

In a press release, songwriter Josh Carrafa explained the song like this: "I have no idea what consciousness is. I mean what it actually is. I know what the effect of it is, but what is it made of? As far as I can tell it's just chemicals and particles bouncing around and interacting with each other in weird ways that no one understands. And when they bounce around they do all sorts of weird stuff that make people do all sorts of weird things like go hunting, build houses, and invent slinkies. Also they make people get into fights and start wars and write songs. I did that last thing and made it about this all of this weirdness."

The single is out via Eenie Meenie Records.