OJ Simpson "Coroner's Music"

OJ Simpson 'Coroner's Music'
Stones Throw Records have got to be one of the most incestuous record labels out there, with core performers all over each other's releases. But when they're as good as they are, who's complaining?

Take OJ Simpson, for example. A collaboration between Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson and production wiz Madlib (real name Otis Jackson...get it?), the duo have paired up under the "innocent" ex-footballer's name, and are readying a new LP to be released by Stones Throw soon.

"Coroner's Music," the first track to leak from the record, suggests great things to come. Matching Guilty's heavy, hungry drawl with Madlib's minimal keys and eerie background sounds, the track is chock full of raw, simplistic swagger and creeping music.

A digital version of the single is currently available from Stones Throw, with a vinyl version set to drop soon.

You can preview the track right here: