Oh Susanna Returns with 'A Girl in Teen City' LP

Hear the album's "Tickets on the Weekend"
Oh Susanna Returns with 'A Girl in Teen City' LP
Nearly three years removed from releasing her star-studded Namedropper LP, Suzie Ungerleider has lifted the curtain on her next full-length effort as Oh Susanna. Titled A Girl in Teen City, the new record will arrive on May 26 through Stella Records.

Twelve tracks in length, A Girl in Teen City sees Ungerleider team up once again with Jim Bryson in the producer's chair. Bryson also plays guitar and keyboards, with the record featuring Eli Abrams on bass, Cam Giroux and Paul Brennan on drums, and Gord Tough on guitar. Guest vocalists include Holly McNarland, Gabrielle Giguere, Ungerleider's sister Jessie and niece Sofia.

The record is said to mine Ungerleider's own past in discovering "what it means to be undone by love, the exuberant freedom under the cover of night, and music bursting with riotous rebellion."

"This record, Suzie's most vulnerable, captures that time when you have so much emotion and nowhere to put it," Bryson said in a statement. "It's like leaving a movie, awash in feelings and with a new understanding so that your world almost made sense. But if you walked through your door at home it would all go away…so you sit outside just for a little while. It transports me."

Ungerleider has shared a taste of what's to come from the disc with "Tickets on the Weekend," inspired by a true story about her and friends trying to see Canadian punk legends D.O.A. on Vancouver's Eastside.

"Our plans are foiled by some undercover cops busting us for buying liquor," she explained. "They call our parents and they pick us up and all our bravado is deflated. I wanted to capture our excitement of being immersed in the punk scene but also reveal the delightful drama of us soft middle class kids pretending to be tough and cool. The clincher is that I convinced my dad to buy me a ticket to the D.O.A. show the following night so my eight bucks wouldn't be wasted. Talk about brat!"

Read through the tracklist to hear "Tickets on the Weekend" in the player below.

A Girl in Teen City:

1. Flashlights
2. Wolf Boy
3. Lucky Star
4. My Boyfriend
5. The Darkroom At The School
6. Getting Ready
7. Tickets On The Weekend
8. Walked All The Way Home
9. Waiting For The Blossoms
10. Thunderbird
11. Puget Sound
12. My Old Vancouver