Oh Pep! "The Race"

Oh Pep! 'The Race'
Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalists Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs make music together as Oh Pep! and the Aussie duo are nearly set to drop their latest EP Living. Before they do, though, the folksy two-piece have unveiled a new tune called "The Race."
Putting a modern pop twist on their bluegrass roots, Oh Pep!'s new EP features both new and reworked material, which was recorded with Daniel Ledwell in Lake Echo, NS. Despite the shock of the brutal Maritime winter, the duo managed to deliver an affable upbeat, bounce-along folk-pop number with "The Race."
The full EP arrives on August 21 via Star House Collective, but you can give "The Race" a listen in the player below, right now.