Oh No! Oh My! Fan Denied Entry Into Six Flags For Wearing Band T-Shirt

Oh No! Oh My! Fan Denied Entry Into Six Flags For Wearing Band T-Shirt
We've all heard about specific band t-shirts being banned from schools, but here's a new one: a Six Flags park. Oh No! Oh My! fan Robert Rich learned this the hard way when he travelled to San Antonio for a day of amusement at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park and became a victim of t-shirt profiling.

Here's an excerpt:

Last weekend a group of friends and I traveled to San Antonio for a day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It’s a trip we had been planning for quite a while, and as I am a huge roller coaster fanatic, I was ecstatic. After getting our tickets, we headed for the entrance gates. I placed my wallet and cell phone in the basket on the other side of the metal detector and walked on through. No alarms went off, no armed security guards came running at me to take me down, but the woman manning the gate simply stood in front of me staring at my shirt.

The woman, after what seemed like ages of staring at my shirt, said, "What’s that?” I informed her that it was for a band, and she replied with a simple "Mmmhmm.” I tried to walk past her but she stopped me, saying "If that’s what I think it is, I can’t let you into the park.” My heart sank. I had visions of missing out on all the roller coasters and fun that I had been looking forward to all week. Here’s where it gets Cops-esque. She calls over a security guard and tells him, "Look, they’re eating kids.” The guy doesn’t seem to want to make a call but eventually says that yes, it’s too offensive to be allowed into the park. As irritated and upset as I was, I nearly burst out laughing when the woman then said, "Plus, it says ‘My Ho’ on it.” I politely informed her that what she was reading was simply "Oh My” upside down, and asked her when her last eye exam had been performed. That last part may or may not be true.

She wasn’t done there. Since she apparently wouldn’t be vindicated unless every single person in the park agreed with her, she called over two more security guards, both of whom said that I could not enter. I asked if turning the shirt inside out would alleviate the problem, but one of the burlier men told me no, because "you’d still be wearing it and still be bringing it into our park.” So that was that, I wasn’t getting in. I trudged all the way back to the parking lot and changed into a shirt that my friend happened to have in his trunk, and went back inside.

Click here to read the oppressed indie rock fan's first-hand account of his traumatic experience, as published in The Palestine Herald.

Showing support for their fan, the band themselves - who are one of the most inoffensive indie bands out there, might I add - posted a message on the Oh No! Oh My! MySpace blog, explaining the image of the shirt, saying: "To clarify, it's not babies/children being eaten, but myself (Daniel) and Joel being metaphorically devoured alive by former girlfriends. Also, my sister worked at Disneyland for a year or so, and has worn the shirt dozens of times inside the park."

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