Offsides Foul Language

The debut album by Mount Real quartet Offsides is an enjoyable, if sometimes frustrating, experience. Foul Language is a long album, and the fat should be trimmed, starting with the intro and opening immediately with "Ukraine” instead, a better introduction to the group (and album) anyway. It would also be wise to use producer CityParks more in the future. He adds that extra touch that makes a beat stand out. Whenever a co-producer interferes or someone else handles the production, the results are more often than not generic. Rappers Bailey, Lo’Key and Malicious try their best to overcome the odds, but it’s not a pretty or interesting sight. Still, Offsides can sound great. They’re best at crowd-rocking club anthems like "Banging,” a funky ode to women, or their thuggish riot-starter "Throw Something.” Plus, Offsides get lyrical with some impressive alliteration on "C.K.I.K.,” pull the card of a local, unnamed group on the scathing "2:55,” and show a sense of humour throughout a number of songs and interludes. Fourth member DJ D.R. One adds cuts throughout, giving the album that old school party vibe. Foul Language has the potential for more, but ultimately it’s still a very good album. Although I’ll never understand how "Hipnosys” made it onto the twelve-inch. (Urbnet)