Off With Their Heads Sign to Epitaph, Plot Second Album for June Release

Off With Their Heads Sign to Epitaph, Plot Second Album for June Release
Back in 2008, Minneapolis punk quartet Off With Their Heads followed up a string of beloved EPs with their debut album, From the Bottom, which we described as "an earnest mixture of ridiculously catchy sing-along choruses, driving verses and a seriously strained, hoarse and menacing lyrical delivery." Apparently, we weren't the only ones who were fond of the record.

According to a report from City Pages [via Punknews], the band have inked a deal with punk rock institution Epitaph. It's been quite a while since the California-based imprint has signed a band playing this style of earnest punk rock, but front-man Ryan Young explained that the working relationship came from the right place.

Here is Young's statement:

Brett [Gurewitz] just called me up one day and said he was a fan. I was surprised, to say the least, as a lot of the stuff that label has put out lately has been the exact opposite of what I am in to. He seemed cool enough. We talked about Rancid a lot. Ten months later, we worked out a deal that made us both happy. Now, we have a new full-length recorded and it will be coming out June 1. Nothing has changed, we just had the money to spend some time in the studio, so I'm actually happy with how it turned out. We have full creative control over everything we do, which is awesome.

As Young said in that statement, Off With Their Heads' sophomore album, which does not as of yet have a title, will be released on June 1.

The group have also announced a massive North American tour in the lead-up to the album release. You can see all the U.S. dates here and check out the Canadian ones below.

Tour dates:

2/20 London, ON -€“ Call The Office
2/21 Toronto, ON - HorseShoe Tavern
2/22 Ottawa, ON -€“ Mavericks
2/23 Quebec City, QC -€“ L'Agitee
2/24 Montreal, QC -€“ Les Foufounes Electriques
2/25 Saint Catherines, ON -€“ Mikado