Of Death Build a Bridge and Get Over It

Remember those old Memorex commercials in which the singer broke wine glasses with her voice? Or Daryl Hannah in the movie Splash as the mermaid who shattered all the windows when she spoke her name? They don’t have anything on Of Death’s main throat Josh Brown, who could peel paint at 40 paces with his high-pitched shriek. What sounds like a stopped-up vacuum in the background of Build A Bridge and Get Over It is actually human vocal cords, and this Texas quartet, featuring ex-Unruh guitarist J. Keenan, plods their way through eight tracks of nearly unlistenable screamo-blasto-core in just under 15 minutes. Racebannon and/or Gonkulator are obvious touchstones — and the album has quite the witty song titles ("Pin the Toetag on the Corpsey” and "Concrete Socks Build Underwater Castles,” for starters) — but Of Death unfortunately drum up such unpleasant memories as chewing on thick aluminium foil and dragging long fingernails down a mile-long chalkboard. (Alone)