Odonis Odonis Talk New 'Soft Boiled, Hard Boiled' LP

Odonis Odonis Talk New 'Soft Boiled, Hard Boiled' LP
Dean Tzenos just dropped Hollandaze, his debut as Odonis Odonis, last week but already he's looking ahead to his next record, Soft Boiled, Hard Boiled, scheduled for a spring 2012 release on FatCat Records, and with good reason.

"By the time it comes out it will be a four-year-old record," Tzenos tells Exclaim! of the forthcoming album.

The songs on both Soft Boiled, Hard Boiled and Hollandaze were part of a year-long writing stint after Tzenos lost his job as a computer animator. While the tracks on Hollandaze remain in their original demo form, Tzenos booked time with producer Colin Stewart at the Hive in Vancouver to lay down the tracks that make up the new album.

"It was a treat to myself," he admits. "There was no label involved, there was nothing going on. I saved up money to do it. I'd been planning it for a couple of years."

He also adds that Soft Boiled, Hard Boiled was originally a pair of EPs. "One side is a little bit poppier, more synthy. The other one is harder, more industrial and louder."

Tzenos says that Hollandaze was meant to be more "fun," while Soft Boiled, Hard Boiled comes across as being a lot more serious.

"It's got more depth to it. I wanted to take advantage of the studio, so there's lots of layering and stuff. Whoever wants to listen to it over and over again will keep finding weird sounds they've never heard before."

As for the rapid-fire succession of releases Tzenos just sees it as a sign of the times.

"People digest music pretty quickly, so I don't see why not. When I was growing up a Nine Inch Nails record would come out and you'd be waiting six years. It's not like that anymore. People don't seem to care after six months. I'd rather just keep on it. I have the material and I'm into being one of those bands."

For now, Hollandaze is out now in Canada via Daps/Buzz/Pleasence. In support of the long-player, the band are in the midst of a North American tour. You can see the dates here.