Odonis Odonis Announce Debut Album

Odonis Odonis Announce Debut Album
Toronto-based musician Dean Tzenos, formerly of prog-leaning outfit Ten Kens, started Odonis Odonis as a solo outlet a few years ago, but the project has recently been gaining steam since he fleshed out the live band back in May. Following an impressive string of shows, the band have announced their first full-length outing, Hollandaze.

Odonis Odonis have hooked up with the influential FatCat imprint, who will release the set on November 15. Touting a mix fuzzed-out guitars and hazy drum machine rhythms, the offering is described as "a collection of killer, hook-driven tunes that hark back to the classic '80s sounds of the Jesus & Mary Chain, Pixies, Big Black and the Cure," according the the press release.

UPDATE: In Canada, Hollandaze is being released on November 7 by Buzz/Pleasance/Daps.

You can check out the video for sublimely spacey "Mr. Smith" and listen to a stream of fellow album track "Ledged Up" below.

While Odonis Odonis is currently working as a full band, Hollandaze compiles a bunch of recordings Tzenos did in his tiny home studio. However, early next year, the band will follow up the release with an album recorded by Vancouver producer Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Cave Singers), who also worked with Ten Kens.

Previously, Odonis Odonis had issued a split twelve-inch with Lotus Plaza on Palmist Records.


1. "Hollandaze"
2. "Busted Lip"
3. "White Flag Riot"
4. "Blood Feast"
5. "Seedgazer"
6. "New World"
7. "Handle Bars"
8. "Basic Training"
9. "We Are The Left Overs"
10. "Ledged Up"
11. "Tick Tock"

Odonis Odonis - Ledged Up by Fat Cat Records

Odonis Odonis - Mr. Smith from riceandcheese on Vimeo.