Odonis Odonis "Better" (Beta Frontiers remix)

Odonis Odonis 'Better' (Beta Frontiers remix)
The title track from Odonis Odonis's Better EP has previously received its own music video, and now the song has been treated to another clip, this time for a new Beta Frontiers remix.

This Beta Frontiers reworking preserves the minimal bass groove and reverb-swathed vocals of the original cut while beefing up the rhythm section using clattering rhythms. What's more, the noisy freak-outs are scaled back for quirky synth riffs. The accompanying Andrew Olivares-directed video is an extremely trippy one, as images of a dancer are warped and mainulated to glitchy effect.

The song is out through Buzz Records, and you can check out the remix below.

In related news, Beta Frontiers have been in the studio working on material with Dean Tzenos of Odonis Odonis, plus Carmen Elle of DIANA and Dan Lee of Hooded Fang. Remixes for the likes of Phèdre and Doomsquad are in the works.