Obits Shed Light on New LP; Rick Froberg Challenges John Reis to Write New Hot Snakes Material

Obits Shed Light on New LP; Rick Froberg Challenges John Reis to Write New Hot Snakes Material
Word on the street is that Brooklyn's Obits are hard at work on a new LP, and while they were in St. John's for the recent Lawnya Vawnya music festival, the band confirmed the news to Exclaim!

"We're about halfway through," guitarist/vocalist Sohrab Habibion reveals. "We're doing it with a friend of ours in DC named Nikhil [Ranade, soundman for guitarist/vocalist Rick Froberg's recently reunited band, Hot Snakes], and it's very relaxed and in his apartment. It's been really fun. I'm excited about it. We're gonna go back next week and do the other half."

Froberg adds, "All we have to do is write the other songs," as drummer Alexis Fleisig chimes in, "We're doing it all on iPads and mixing it with those twirl-y knobs."

Finally, Habibion says, "And it's gonna be completely downloadable. It's gonna be totally digitally available. There'll be a tote bag and a download code."

According to Habibion, the new record is shaping up as something of a departure for Obits. Though he wouldn't describe it as radically different, he suggests that certain influences — the Byrds, Chrome, Can, Dr. Feelgood, Ethiopiques, JJ Cale and the Ruts, among others — are creeping into their sound like never before.

It could be that some time apart has enabled Obits, who clearly love hanging out together, to evolve in some ways. The quartet all tend to work outside of this band and, over the last couple of years, Froberg has been off playing reunion shows with Hot Snakes, which left Obits somewhat dormant.

"We just sat in a room, waiting," Fleisig smirks.

"Just looking at a calendar like, 'is he back yet?'" laughs Habibion.

"Like dogs, sitting, looking at the door," Forberg adds.

In a recent conversation, John Reis of Hot Snakes, who recently reformed his other band Rocket From the Crypt, said that he was interested in writing new songs for Hot Snakes again.

"Yeah, let's see it," Froberg challenges. "I haven't seen a song. There's no songs. We'll see, we'll see. He hasn't written any songs. He's just talking."

"I challenge you John Reis," he adds suddenly, a mock sinister tone in his voice. "I challenge you to write a Hot Snakes song. I think you've lost it, buddy… No, I dunno. I don't know what the fuck he's saying. I'm getting kinda old. It'd have to be like, 'Hot Snakes Lite.' It'd have to be crooning or DJ music."

For more with the band, watch Obits on Exclaim! TV below, and stay tuned for more album news from the band as it progresses.