Obi The Magic Land Of Radio

Despite hailing from London, Obi has managed to avoid all the clichés of sounding like just another British band. Instead, they embrace the joyous world of quiet pop that creeps up on you softly, and very soon their very charming debut album will have cast its spell on you. The Magic Land Of Radio features eight finely-crafted pop songs full of jangle-y guitars and gentle vocals. On paper, that doesn't sound particularly special, yet these simple songs will pull you in and it will remain in your CD player longer than you ever anticipated. Some moments evoke the pastoral songs of Nick Drake (who even receives a lyrical nod in "Somewhere Nicer"), and I think it is safe to say that the band have listened to the Go-Betweens before also. They employ instruments that indicate a country influence (of the Giant Sand, not Johnny Cash variety), but the record always keeps one foot firmly in pop land. It is a little bit short (an all too brief 30 minutes), but that way you do always end up wanting more. (True North)