OB Obrien "2 On/Thotful" (ft. Drake) / "Hazelton Trump"

OB Obrien '2 On/Thotful' (ft. Drake) / 'Hazelton Trump'
OVO team player OB Obrien may be more recognizable to most as the comedic relief in a series of Drake videos ("HYFR," "Worst Behaviour," "Started from the Bottom"), but the guy is flexing his lyrical skills on a remix of Tinashe's "2 On," here redubbed "2 On/Thotful." Joining him for the ride? That'd be his good pal Drizzy.

Atop that low-key snap beat, Obrien is talking about life and, well, his dick, setting up a scenario where he "gets the jelly rollin'." Drake soon jumps on the beat with a mellow hook before dropping a bunch of Wu-Tang and Flipmode references, and later details some office action.

You'll find the OVO redo, as well as another Obrien track called "Hazelton Trump," down below.