Numero Group Unveils RPG Board Game Companion Piece to Wizard Rock Comp

Numero Group Unveils RPG Board Game Companion Piece to Wizard Rock Comp
Ambitious cratediggers the Numero Group have announced plans to enter the RPG market, having revealed their upcoming "wizard rock" compilation Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles will be complemented with a fantasy-minded rock'n'roll board game.

Dubbed Cities of Darkscorch, the game is described in a press release as "a dice-rolling, card-driven, heavy rock band van ride through a fantasy landscape," and it's primed to arrive sometime in May packaged with the double-LP set. The standard edition of the compilation drops February 18.

Set up as a Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure, the 25x25 full-colour gameboard allows for up to six players to "traverse the broken roads of Darkscorch" as one of the 16 bands featured on the compilation. Throughout the game, they may come into combat with mythical rival rock groups such as Grimsword, Narcissus and Ass-Centaur.

One hundred foes are featured in the game, and each is detailed on a playing card featuring artwork and a band logo as created by artists John McGavock McConnell and Eliza Childress. The goal of the game is to eventually defeat your foes and get a record contract.

Also included in the RPG package are a 20-sided "combat" die, a standard six-sided "movement" die, a four-sided "performer" die, "banner boards" collected at various "hard rock competitions" during the game, wooden player tokens that also serve as 45 adapters, and the record set with alternate artwork from Robert Soden. The box comes in a limited edition of 1,500.

An extra special "Supa Edition" is being pressed in a run of 500 and will also feature a bonus 7-inch from L.A. group Supa Chief, a guitar pick that can also serve as a player token on the gameboard, and a full-colour map extension adding an extra city to the world of Darkscorch.

As previously reported, Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles features 16 "stout chunks of stoned basement rock" that find acts like Triton Warrior, Wizard, Stone Axe and more weighing in on "mythology, armored conflict, sorcery and doom." You can check out Junction's "Sorcerer" and Wrath's "Warlord" down below.