Numero Group Detail Prince-Featuring Comp 'Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound'

Numero Group Detail Prince-Featuring Comp 'Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound'
After years of offering up hidden gems from the worlds of R&B, power pop and stoney proto-metal, the Numero Group has unveiled plans for its 50th release, a compilation cataloguing the lost sounds of the Twin Cities' late '70s/early '80s funk scene titled Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound. The archival project arrives in four-LP and double-CD editions on November 12.

A press release notes that the 32-song set features over two hours of tunes "coating futuristic funk with the glamorous sheen of guitar rock" that ultimately set the stage for Prince's purple reign.

Minneapolis and St. Paul acts highlighted include Purple Haze, Alexander O'Neal and Pepé Willie's 94 East project, which featured Prince. Other notable artists on the set are pop producers Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis, the former appearing with Mind & Matter and both as part of Flyte Time, which also included "Funkytown" singer Cynthia Johnson. This band later evolved into Morris Day's the Time.

The record also features tracks from the Lewis Connection, whose self-titled LP was reissued by Numero earlier this year.

As with other Numero releases, Purple Snow comes with extensive liner notes. This time, they weigh in at over 30,000 words and will be pressed into a hardbound, full-color book. You can see the nostalgic cover art up above.

You can get a sample of what's to come via an album trailer down below, where you'll also find the tracklisting.

Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound:

Side A:

1. 94 East - "If You See Me" 
2. Aura - "Taste Of Love"
3. Herman Jones - "I Love You"
4. Orville Shannon - "Oh Lover" 

Side  B:

5. Mind & Matter - "I'm Under Your Spell"
6. Haze - "Waiting For The Moment" 
7. Prophets Of Peace - "Get It On" 
8. Cohesion - "Expense" 
9. Mind & Matter - "Sunshine Lady"

Side C:

10. The Lewis Connection - "Higher"
11. Flyte Tyme - "It's The Things That You Do"
12. Herman Jones - "Ladie"
13. Michael A. Dixon and J.O.Y. - "You're All I Need"

Side D:

14. Music, Love & Funk - "Stone Lover"
15. Cohesion - "Cohesion" 
16. Haze - "I Do Love My Lady"
17. The Lewis Connection - "Got To Be Something Here"

  Side E:

18. Walter Lewis & the Blue Stars - "I Have Love at Home"
19. Flyte Tyme - "I've Got You On My Mind"
20. Quiet Storm - "Can You Deal With It"
21. Steven - "Quick"

  Side F:

22. The Stylle Band - "If You Love Me"
23. The Girls - "I've Got My Eyes On You"
24. Sue Ann Carwell - "Should I Or Should I Not?"
25. Alexander O'Neal - "Do You Dare"

Side G:

26. Ronnie Robbins - "Contagious"
27. Alexander O'Neal - "Borrowed Time"
28. Orville Shannon - "One Life To Live"
29. André Cymone - "Somebody Said" 

Side H:

30. Walter Lewis & the Blue Stars - "Do It Baby Do It"
31. Rockie Robbins - "Together" 
32. Mind & Matter - "No One Else Can Do It To Me Baby"