Nuggets Are The Alchemists Of Music!

The Nuggets might hail from the coolest of all the Scandinavian countries, namely Norway, but they are never going to be as cool as the likes of the Hives. That's because their music lacks that drive and catchiness, and this is very apparent on Are The Alchemists Of Music! The problem is that the music and lyrics come across as being a weird attempt to sound like a '60s garage band, right down to the clichéd lyrics that try to deal with suitable topics. So, a conventional love song turns into an ode to a beatnik chick whose protest songs can't save her from a world that doesn't understand her. Except the music isn't really all that good and the goofiness of the words might be funny the first time you hear them but it just doesn't inspire repeated listens. The other songs follow a similar pathway and, funny enough, the strongest track by quite a bit is a cover of the Beatles' "Run For Your Life‚" and even that doesn't come close to the original. Not a terrible record, but uninspired and utterly disposable. (Sounds Of Subterrania)