Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade Warn Unsigned Acts of "Label Staff Impostors and Impersonators"

Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade Warn Unsigned Acts of 'Label Staff Impostors and Impersonators'
You know how metal is cool again? The resurgence has become so huge that people are pretending to be representative from independent record labels such as Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade. That's how much clout those imprints have.

It's true. The number of imposers feigning to be representatives of those labels has increased exponentially over the past few months. It's actually got so bad that competing Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade have united to create a warning for hopeful acts as to how avoid being duped.

Then again, if you're stupid enough to fall for some of the tactics outlined here, you kind of deserve to get ripped off. To paraphrase Yosemite Sam, "Musicians is sooo stupid..."

The official Nuclear Blast/Metal Blade caveat:


You're an unsigned band playing a local show and someone approaches you claiming to represent Nuclear Blast or Metal Blade Records. They say they want to sign you, book studio time for your band, buy you plane tickets, or even put you on Ozzfest, yet no contracts are ever involved. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is.

There's been a rash of imposers in several states claiming all of the above and more. Some try to extort money from bands by claiming they need it to place a deposit on whatever it is they're promising. Others want free entry into a show, free CDs & band merchandise, or backstage access. Whatever the case, what's clear is that these imposers have such low-self esteem that they're willing to lie about who they are.

Bands, DO NOT LET YOUR HOPES OF GETTING SIGNED BLINDSIDE YOU. Staff members at Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade:

- conduct official business via their official office e-mail & telephone number.
- can produce a business card with the label's logo, official office address, and official telephone number.
- NEVER ask unsigned bands for "deposit" money.

Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade Records wish to keep their reputations among metal fans & metal musicians in good standing, as we understand how hard bands work to bring their music to the metal community. These imposers are mocking everything we stand for as independent metal labels, as musicians, and as fans.

If ANYONE approaches your band claiming to be from a label and asks for money, for free entry into a show, free CDs or merchandise, or backstage access, your FIRST response should be to be skeptical.

Call the label asking to verify staff names and positions. Or, take your photo with the impostor/impersonator and send it to the label's general e-mail address to inform them of what they are promising.

Nuclear Blast's general e-mail address is: [email protected]

Metal Blade's general e-mail address is: [email protected]

Now you know.