Nuclear Assault Third World Genocide

The very long-awaited reunion album from one of the greatest thrash bands of the golden era of the genre is finally here. Having formed a personal affinity with the band early on in my formative metal years, it was with a bit of apprehension and a lot of excitement that I slapped this one on. As the disc played through, those roles reversed as an unfortunate amount of mid-tempo nothingness dominates the album. Moments of classic Nuclear remain, as John Connelly still has the strangest voice in metal, with his trademark elementary-level political analysis lyrics intact. The production sound is suitably rough and raw, as Dan Lilker (ex-Brutal Truth) plays sub-sonic bass as wonderfully as ever, and the joke songs remain (incredibly and unfortunately); the only thing really different is new guitarist Eric Burke. An occasional track sticks out, such as the classic thrash of "Exoskeletal” and "Defiled Innocence,” or the more moderate but still trademark Nuclear sound of "Price of Freedom.” "Human Wreckage” picks up the pace but then the horribly annoying joke-punk of "Whine and Cheese” ruins the fun; bad move placing that at song number five. All things told, there’s more than the occasional moment of metal majesty here. But the magic, while lingering in the air, just isn’t enveloping me like it did with their earlier material. Not horrid, but instead, just not anything. (SPV)