N.A.S.A. "I Shot the Sheriff" (ft. Karen O) (video)

N.A.S.A. 'I Shot the Sheriff' (ft. Karen O) (video)
A recent Sonos commercial features a cover of Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" by hip-hop production duo N.A.S.A. featuring vocals from Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O. Now, the song has gotten a music video.

The cover isn't too radical a reinvention, since it preserves the song's laid-back reggae vibe, vocal melodies, and even the signature bass fills. It updates the track with slick production with percussive gun shots.

The accompanying video features enigmatic, shadowy animations that take a modern approach to Wild West imagery while the lyrics flash up on screen. It was created by San Charoenchai.

The song is available on iTunes.