Now It's Overhead Fall Back Open

Hailing from Athens, Georgia instead of the usual Omaha, Nebraska, which every other Saddle Creek artist calls home, Andy LeMaster’s minor role as the label’s outsider shouldn’t give him a complex. Recording under the moniker, Now It’s Overhead, LeMaster fits perfectly into the mould Saddle Creek has created since they began releasing records. Writing songs that are both sombre and melodic, LeMaster knows angst is a key trademark in his niche, so he works the dark lyrical content well with his programmed beats. As a member of Bright Eyes’ touring and recording line-up, it’s only fitting that Conor Oberst makes a contribution to the album, providing vocals to the beautifully mesmerising title track. Even more helpful is the addition of Michael Stipe’s pipes to the slowburning "Antidote,” a favour the superstar returns to the fellow Athens resident LeMaster, for his remix of R.E.M.’s "The Lifting.” As distracting as they may be, these guests should not take away from Fall Back Open’s emotional entanglements and enchanting atmosphere. (Saddle Creek)