Notwist Offshoot Tied & Tickle Trio Gear Up for La Place Demon

Notwist Offshoot Tied & Tickle Trio Gear Up for <i>La Place Demon</i>
Though they're best known as the minds behind the Notwist and 13 & God, Markus and Michael Acher have been exploring glitchy jazz compositions with the Tied & Tickled Trio since the mid-'90s. Rounded out by members of Lali Puna and other frequent collaborators, the collective have five albums under their belts, with a sixth scheduled for release this week.

The new album is called La Place Demon and sees the group expanding their collaborative reach a little further, bringing 70-year-old jazz drummer Billy Hart into the fold. The drummer has worked with everyone from Herbie Handock to Stan Getz, and a press release describes the album as "something like a biographical album" as it follows the various tenets of Hart's expansive career.

La Place Demon will be released on Tuesday (April 26) via Morr Music. Album track "The Three Doors Pt. 3" can be streamed here.

La Place Demon:

1. "The End Is The Same As The Beginning"
2. "The Three Doors Pt. 1"
3. "Calaca"
4. "Violent Collaborations Pt. 1"
5. "The Three Doors Pt. 2"
6. "Violent Collaborations Pt. 2"
7. "Lonely Woman/Exit La Place Demon/The Electronic Family"
8. "The Three Doors Pt. 3"
9. "Ghost Allaround"