North Atlantic Explorers 'My Father Was a Sailor' (album stream)

North Atlantic Explorers 'My Father Was a Sailor' (album stream)
Vancouver twee-pop outfit North Atlantic Explorers are set to unveil their brand new LP My Father Was a Sailor on October 28 via Anniedale Records, but you can stream the album right here, right now on

Led by drummer-turned-frontman Glenn D'Cruze, the band's latest record is a concept album that hits close to his heart. Originally a collection of nautical-themed songs, D'Cruze honed in on the themes of life and afterlife following the recent death of his father.

The album was produced by Jonathan Anderson (Aidan Knight, Jordan Klassen), who also played alongside D'Cruze. Also lending a hand was a horn section and a 14-person choir to create the new material. Notable guests include JP Carter (Destroyer, Dan Mangan) in the horn section, as well former Belle and Sebastian member Stuart David, who delivers spoken narratives throughout the album in his unmistakably Glaswegian way.

The seafaring journey begins with David delivering an ominous forecast at the start of opener "The Sailor & The Stenographer," which tells the story of D'Cruze's parents meeting and falling in love. Themes get darker as the album goes on ("Lost at Sea," "Into the Blue Sea," "Spiral into the Sea"), but the music retains beauty even in the darker moments, bolstered by the addition of the aforementioned choir. Instrumentals are scattered throughout the record, adding a cinematic quality to the album and cementing it together as a thoroughly conceived and executed concept album.

By the time album closer "White Moon Bay" fades away, the listener is left with an undeniable feeling of having accompanied the North Atlantic Explorers on a very personal adventure. Hit play below to embark on your own sonic journey with My Father Was a Sailor.