Norilsk Unveil 'The Idea of North' LP

Norilsk Unveil 'The Idea of North' LP
Atmospheric Gatineau sludge-slingers Norilsk are ready to follow up their Japetus EP with a full-fledged LP this year, announcing that the doom-driven The Idea of North rises up from the muck next month.

A press release confirms Canadian metal imprint Hypnotic Dirge will issue the album March 6 on CD, with a tape release being handled by Dwyer Records. A digital edition will be hosted on Bandcamp, while a vinyl version from Alerta Antifascista is in the works.

The debut LP was recorded at Studio En-Phase in Montreal with Jean-Philippe Latour (Paroxysm, Fuck the Facts), with the sessions later mixed by Mike Bond at Ottawa's Pebble Studios. The set reportedly lands as "an evocation of an ominous presence over a vast wasteland," with the doom troupe exploring themes of "darkness, isolation, identity, archaism and persistence" throughout the collection.

EP selections "Japetus" and "Potsdam Glo" will reappear on The Idea of North, which features eight selections on most editions. The CD adds bonus cut "Coeur de Loup."

You'll find streams of the set's first two tracks ("Japetus" and "Planète heurt") down below.

The Idea of North:

1. Japetus
2. Planète heurt
3. Throa
4. La liberté aux ailes brisées
5. Nature morte
6. Potsdam Glo
7. La Grande Noirceur
8. The Idea of North
9. Coeur de Loup (CD only)