NOFX "Xmas Has Been X'ed" (video)

NOFX 'Xmas Has Been X'ed' (video)
When does a holiday song try its hardest not to sound like a holiday song? When you place it in the hands of punkers NOFX, of course. Their "Xmas Has Been X'ed," off this year's Self Entitled, sounds like pretty much any other speedy missive they've issued over the last couple of decades, but lyrically they switch things up by spitting right in Santa's eye.

It rags on the commercial aspect of the season, as well as hints that Jesus was never born, that priests are filthy fucking dudes, and that everyone is swapping their worshipping habits anyway. "Enjoy Christmas, cuz it's your last," Fat Mike snottily theorizes.

You can watch the Santa suit-sporting dudes take the piss out of Christmas as they plunk out the punky cut on a party bus down below.