NOFX "Oxy Moronic" (video)

NOFX 'Oxy Moronic' (video)
While NOFX's first single off of their forthcoming First Ditch Effort collection had the band discussing "Six Years on Dope," the Cali vets are now taking aim at the medical industrial complex via their "Oxy Moronic." The punky attack on Big Pharma can be soaked in via a newly-revealed music video.

The mid-paced piece has Fat Mike's familiar sneer weighing in on society's dependence on behind-the-counter pills, and the doctors supposedly shilling for businesses every time they scratch their pads.

What follows are a series of prescription drug puns, like the singer being labeled "Qualuudacris" for questioning the legal drug scene, which leaves him "Viagravated." His summation: "We're not being healed, we're being harmed."

The music video is filled with questionable medical professionals, stacks of blue and yellow pills, and a punk band trying to make sense of it all. It concludes with a goof on prescription drug TV ads, which notes that the Side FX of using NOFX's "Oxy Moronic" could lead to excess pubic hair growth, and sexual attraction to windows.

You'll find the video below, courtesy of Funny or Die, while you can grab NOFX's First Ditch Effort through your local dealer October 7 via Fat Wreck.