Nobunny Returns with First Blood This Fall, Releases Live at Third Man Records LP

Nobunny Returns with <i>First Blood</i> This Fall, Releases Live at Third Man Records LP
Rock'n'roll's favourite rascally rabbit, Nobunny will finally follow up his beloved debut, Love Visions, with a proper new album. The record was supposed to be called Ono and released in the fall of 2009. Instead, it will be dubbed First Blood and will be released next month via his new home of Goner Records.

According to a press release, Nobunny "is so happy, he makes the 1910 Fruitgum Co. sound like Joy Division" and, in First Blood's 30-minute run time, "goes through every worthy rock'n'roll subgenre - bubblegum pop, garage, rockabilly and psych - and still beautifully articulates every single human emotion with ease."

Goner will release First Blood on September 21. In addition to the new album, a live set recorded at Jack White's Third Man Records was recorded and pressed to vinyl. That limited release can be purchased here.

First Blood:

1. "Ain't It A Shame"
2. "(Do The) Fuck Yourself"
3. "Blow Dumb"
4. "Gone For Good"
5. "Pretty Please Me"
6. "Breathe"
7. "Live It Up"
8. "Motorhead With Me"
9. "Never Been Kissed"
10. "Pretty Little Trouble"
11. "I Was On (the Bozo Show)"