Noah Lennox Drops Hints About "Dark" New Panda Bear Album and Film

Noah Lennox Drops Hints About 'Dark' New Panda Bear Album and Film
As 2009 winds down and we look back on our favourite albums of the year, there's no question that Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion is a record that stands out. Not only was it an amazing release, but it was also a part of a larger lineage of quality albums from the band and their side-projects. Thankfully, this output will continue with AC ringleader Noah Lennox, who is currently preparing his third solo album as Panda Bear for a 2010 release.

Speaking with [via Gorilla vs. Bear], Lennox described the new Panda Bear effort as a departure from the busyness of 2007's Person Pitch.

"The rhythms are really basic and kind of raw and simple and are electronic," he explains. "It's not live instrumentation; I've been playing guitar but I feed it through the same thing that the sequences are on. It's a very electronic sound and very voice-heavy. A simple arrangement of drums, the guitar and singing."

He went on to compare the album to Person Pitch, saying, "The tone is a lot darker and it sounds sort of dramatic or romantic, to me. But I'm in still in the thick of the thing so it's really tough to be objective at this point. So I have no idea, but hopefully people like it. I hope it's good."

While no date has been set for the album's release, Lennox did mention that a film he made will be released in the middle of 2010. He refused to give the title for the movie, but he did describe its tone, saying, "It's really intense; it's dark. To me, it's super-dark. It's definitely a vibe that I feel like I'm not so close to, it's more of the other guys who are the horror movie guys."