No Love from Courtney for Ryan Adams

No Love from Courtney for Ryan Adams
Over the weekend, rock’n’roll tragedy Courtney Love struck out against singer-songwriter Ryan "Not Bryan” Adams, accusing the alt-country musician of using $858,000 of Frances Bean Cobain’s inheritance to finance his 2003 album, Rock N Roll. And to make matters worse, she hates the record.

In an open letter on MySpace, Love claimed the Adams incident is connected to part of the family’s recent identity theft, whereby almost 200 credit cards were made out in Love’s name and the family was pillaged of about $72 million. She said several fishy American Express bills finally alerted her to Adams’s alleged theft but it took her a few years to notice the crime because she has 29 AMEX cards.

Here is just a bit of what Love said in her recent letter:

Does that makje youf eel like a big man ? stealing from a suicide? A MARTYRED HERO? As God Is My Witness Ryan you will pay back every fucking penny of this. 858,000 dollars for Rock n Roll wow you were living large- most people reading this dont even know what record or even artist im referring to , as your just this cult americana wanna be dylan thing- ... still shooting smack? hows that going for you?”

She also went on to lay some hurt on Adams’s Rock N Roll, calling the album "one of the worst records I can think of in rock and roll history ironically called ‘Riock and Roll’”

"Who names a record 'Rock n Roll' what assholes do that?” she continued. "With these trebled up guitars my bandmate said sounded like 'really horrific rem on steroids' all treble and compresssion and shit wirtten songs - but so what?"

Adams has yet to respond to Love’s claims but one Stereogum reader pointed out an old interview the musician did with USA Today where Adams said of Rock N Roll, "Whether I have a label behind me or not, I’m going to do this anyway. I’m going to find the money to make records... I put a weekend of studio time on my credit card and walked out with an 11-song record.”

If you would like to read through Love’s letters on the alleged theft, you can find some of them here.

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