No Idols Low (Swing the Pyramid Hands)

It’s always good to know that we’ve got another Cursed in case the first one breaks. Channelling their bitterness and contempt for humanity through a stronger dose of New York hardcore though means more traditional delivery and song structure for No Idols on Low. Thankfully, the band seem to have no regard for those little needles on the recording equipment that tell you when you’re going too far. Their disregard for the red line makes for a debut effort that is borderline white noise were it not for occasional breaks between songs. When one can decipher what’s going on, the band seem to be blending Agnostic Front’s brutal, meat-headed confrontation with the pacing of Voorhees to taste. Eleven tracks of slightly predictable yet no less energised new hardcore ensues, resulting in an overall experience that makes you go, "Wow, that was pretty fucking heavy. Now where’s the main course?” (Baudelaire)