No Breakup "Awestruck"

No Breakup 'Awestruck'
Toronto's No Breakup are relative newbies, and having honed their sound with some live shows, they are gearing up to release their debut EP. Pity Party is out later this summer, and the trio have shared the lead single "Awestruck" in advance.

The song is a slow-burning electronic number that pairs dark synth bass with warm ambient swells and vocals that contrast solemnly dramatic melodies with conversational lyrics while building towards an urgent finale. In an announcement, the band explained that the song "takes place at a party that you do not want to be at, dealing with that desperation through a bitter internal monologue."

You can stream and download the track below.

Also, you'll likely get to hear "Awestruck" live when No Breakup play on July 25 at the Slver Dollar in Toronto with Jay Arner.