Nite Jewel Launches Instrumental Project MAIA

Nite Jewel Launches Instrumental Project MAIA
Los Angeles songwriter Ramona Gonzalez makes synth-pop under the name Nite Jewel, but now she has taken vocals out of the equation for a new instrumental project called MAIA.

She launched the new project by sharing an eight-song album on Bandcamp oday (July 22). It's called 29 — not to be confused with the Ryan Adams LP of the same name — and it veers away from Nite Jewel's pop-inclined style with swaths of cinematic synthesized ambience and dark, anxious drum machines.

Whether this will be a busy, active new project or just a one-off release remains to be seen. The tracklist is below, as is the full album stream. You can pick up the download here.

Nite Jewel's last album was 2012's One Second of Love.


1. Emerald Pool
2. Heavy
3. Quartz
4. 29
5. Wonder Valley
6. Romantic
7. Mirage
8. Daylight