Nite Jewel "It Goes Through Your Head" (ft. Dam-Funk)

Nite Jewel 'It Goes Through Your Head' (ft. Dam-Funk)
Over the years, L.A.-based project Nite Jewel have dropped some gorgeously icy electro numbers that could suitably score some late night romantic occasions, but the outfit never came across as party animals until this collaboration with the always outrageous Dâm-Funk.

Sounding akin to a wild night at that club in Purple Rain, singer Ramona Gonzalez's echo chamber vocals on "It Goes Through Your Head" float above digitized snaps and hand claps in the verse before wriggly synth bends and a walloping drum machine beat pumps up its catchy chorus. Delete all those Sheila E. and Prince tunes off your playlists, dudes, because you just found your new favourite '80s-styled electro-pop anthem.

The track, along with a remix, will be on the new Nite Jewel twelve-inch being released via Mexican Summer.

You can download the cut here, courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear.