Nite-Funk "I Know You're The One for Me" (demo)

Nite-Funk 'I Know You're The One for Me' (demo)
It's been years since Dâm-Funk and Nite Jewel first announced their Nite-Funk project was prepping an EP's worth of material. While we still don't know when the team-up effort will be released, the duo have at least hit our ears with a demo for new tune "I Know You're the One for Me."

As you'd expect, the track mixes the smooth-as-silk synths and '80s-appropriate drum-pad sounds we're used to out of Dâm-Funk with the sleepy-eyed yet sublime nocturnal coo of Nite Jewel's Ramona Gonzalez. The vocals are slathered in reverb, but we're guessing by the song title that this is a love song.

While you enjoy the song in the stream down below, take note that it may still be some time before we get the finished EP. The band wrote of their plans: "No rush... just taking our time. Thanx 4 for your patience.. on the 'good stuff.'"