Nirvana's Nevermind Reimagined On Stage in Seattle

Nirvana's <i>Nevermind</i> Reimagined On Stage in Seattle
Nirvana's Nevermind will be immortalised in Seattle thanks to a dance production paying tribute to the album.

Led by director Donald Byrd, the Spectrum Dance Theater's stage performance simply titled Nevermind "draws from the autobiographical elements of Kurt Cobain’s music and personal writings reflecting the music explosion in Seattle during the ‘grunge’ era."

Byrd says, "The tragedy of his drug addiction that didn't allow (late frontman Kurt Cobain) to see with the kind of clarity that would have made for different choices, I was just kind of drawn to that."

Premiering tomorrow (March 31) and running through Sunday (April 1) at Moore's Theatre in Seattle, the production follows up last year's staging of Motown Suite, which used popular music from the Detroit label to evoke the markings of a certain era.